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The Weekend Is Dead - April 24, 2017

We're gonna take an early look at some FCBD titles, including Secret Empire, Spectacular Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek Mirror Broken, Time Shifters, and Catalyst Prime! Plus, El Cassico vs WWE.


Masters of the Galaxy Episode 12 - Fly That Banner High!

It may not be as exciting as a new episode of Fun With Flags, but Andrew has a new Masters Flag to fly at his castle. Apparently, the internet has everything. We'll also unbox a Loyal Subjects figure LIVE - which will probably turn out to be nothing.
Please note - The language got away from everyone a couple times tonight, so you might not want the kids around for this one...

Comiholics Infinity - Fear of the Walking dead, Secret Wars, Star Trek, etc.

DiRT and Apocalypse are back stronger than ever after a long hiatus. Listen to the boys cover their favorite titles and pop culture banter. This drunken podcast covers many current titles such as The Walking Dead, Secret Wars vs. Convergence, Skillkickers, Tequila, Star Trek, Apocalypse's birthday, and a  surprise appearance by Turd Furgason,


Comiholics #38! Pre-Christmas Free For All!

http://www.PopCultureNetwork.com "The Apocalypse" Aris Liapakis and Doug "DiRT" Turner are deep within Comiholics HQ covering everything they've been reading. Walking Dead! Super! Star Trek! From the BIG 2 to the scrappy Indies, they'll talk about as much as they can before the Maker's Mark Whiskey kills them!


Pop Culture Network Radio 11/22/13

http://www.PopCultureNetwork.com This week, DiRT takes a look at toy news featuring Robocop and TransFormers, PS4 and XBone launch issues, and looks at the WWE Network and TNA Turning Point! Plus, have a Black Friday sale or story to share? Contact us!


Pop Culture Network Radio 11/1/13

http://www.PopCultureNetwork.com This week, DiRT takes a quick look at MOTU and Hellboy statues, DC moving to Cali, TNA woes, and (based on your suggestion) looks at his favorite Survivor Series matches!


Comiholics XXXVII - Cheap Whiskey, Walking Dead, and Bad Comic Books

What happens when you record a podcast while drinking the cheapest and worst whiskey of all time? You record a show and forget about it for a whole week! DiRT and The Apocalypse are joined by The Huckster to drink Zachariah Harris - a previously unknown whiskey that will probably never get ingested again on this show! Plus, they try to talk about Walking Dead Season 4 vs Walking Dead All Out War, and make an ADVANCE REVIEW of the new hardcover graphic novel SHIFTER!

All this plus NEW THEME MUSIC!!!

Pop Culture Network Radio 10-26-13

http://www.PopCultureNetwork.com DiRT vs HalloweeN! Running down all the HalloweeN movies, which does DiRT think is the absolute masterpiece and which one does he refuse to watch? Plus, we talk the latest in TNA wrestling and Play Arts Kai Robocop!


Pop Culture Network Radio 10/18/13

RIP Lou Scheimer
This week, DiRT takes a look at the All-New Marvel Now line-up for 2014, recaps this week's episode of Impact, runs down the Bound for Glory line-up, and answers YOUR questions regarding wrestling, cosplay, and more!


Pop Culture Network Radio 10/11/13

http://www.PopCultureNetwork.com DiRT is taking a look at the new coming out of NYCC - comics and toys! Plus, Who is the Doctor and where was he found? Is WWE overdoing it? Can TNA make a good episode of Impact?