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Pop Culture Network Radio 10/04/13

DiRT's talking Masterpiece Transformers! Star Wars Pop Vinyl! Skylanders! WWE Hall of Fame! TNA vs Hulk Hogan!


Pop Culture Network Radio 9/27/13

This week, DiRT takes a look at the pilot for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, 3A Toys' Team Fortress 2 Robot Heavy figures, and Total Non-Stop Action's weekly iMPACT! show!


Comiholics XXXVI Infinite Honey Wine is the true Villain this month!

DiRT and the Apocalypse... and a bottle of Mead. Intending to talk about Villains Month, Forever Evil, Battle of the Atom, and Infinity, the duo opened a bottle of honey wine and the show fell right off a cliff! Oh sure, there's so comic talk in there, and they really tried their best... but it was just too much for the both of them and most of the night is nothing more than a blur...


Pop Culture Network Radio 9/20/13

http://PopCultureNetwork.com DiRT is back this week to talk about the MOTUC reveals form Power-Con, plus new Marvel TV news, comic book news, and a couple of coughs thanks to a dust bunny inhaled half-way through the show!

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Pop Culture Network Radio 9/13/13

http://PopCultureNetwork.com DiRT brings you the first "pilot" episode of Pop Culture Radio celebrating Friday the 13! But before we get a movie series rundown, DiRT gives you some Power Con news, Matty Collector updates, and the true story behind The Show! 


Comiholics XXXV - Infinity! Kick-Ass 2! Trinity War! And More!

DiRT and The Apocalypse are back with the award winning (not really) podcast (that's true) about comic books and alcohol! Marvel and DC both have big things going on right now. But is there anything from other companies grabbing their attention? Also, what kind of moonshine did DiRT try on vacation? What does the daughter of The Apocalypse like to read? And how does Kick-Ass 2 compare to the comics? All that AND MORE!!! 


Comiholics XXXIV - SWERVE! C2E2 Leftovers! ComiXology Patent Trolls?

DiRT and The Apocalypse are back! Technically, this is episode 34.1. Why the decimal? Tune in to find out!

In this episode, The Apocalypse digs out some C2E2 books worth taking a look at: Fallen, Modern Tales of the Future, and Solution Squad. Then TMNT is discussed in both the ongoing IDW comics and the new Animated Adventures series. Finally, DiRT *GUSHES* over Swerve from Arcana Comics - a book he says might be the best he's read in years. And finally they give shout outs to books they're reading like Watson & Holmes, Superior Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, The Hunger, Batman/Superman, and Green Team: Teen Trillionaires.

This Is The End Movie Review

DiRT just got back from an advance screening of This Is The End, the new comedy from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, and Jay Baruchel. Does this dark comedy about the apocalypse find anything funny about the end of the world, or is another group of Hollywood misfits heading to Hell?


Comicholics XXXIII - Walking Dead #111 Preview, Digital Vs Paper Part VIII, Moonshine

http://www.comiholics.com DiRT and Sir Apocalypse (Sir?) are back to their tried and true audio roots! No more grainy video - Just drinking and comics! Rachael Rising! Walking Dead! Justice League! Avengers! PLUS: Corn whiskey will kill you! Bachelor parties will kill you! Reading Aw Yeah! Comics will save you!


It Figures #194: Show Changes! - Toy and Action Figure Podcast

Welcome to another episode of It Figures Podcast with your hosts Killen and DiRT, this week we discuss the latest toy news. We also discuss your fan questions and the future of PCN's newest show. For more visit us at http://www.popculturenetwork.com

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