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Fans of Power Episode 57 - Penny Dreadful!

Joe and Tyler are joined by Horror Hostess Penny Dreadful! Together, they discuss Rotar and why he's such an awesome character! And then, Penny throws down and challenges Tyler to face-off over TEELA! Is Teela really THAT BAD in Filmation? Who wins? Tune and find out!


Masters of the Galaxy Episode 3 - Introducing Joshua Meade!

Meet the newest member of of the MotG team: Joshua Meade! Who is he? How did he become a fan? What's his favorite incarnation? All this AND MORE!


Fans of Power Episode 56 - Secret of the Dragon’s Egg and Best Team!

Joe and Tyler discuss Secret of the Dragon's Egg, and great "teams" in MOTU/POP/NA!

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Fans of Power Episode 55 - Warlords of Eternia, Super 7, MOTU/Thundercats #2!

Joe and Brian and MOTU! Today, Joe wants to talk about the Ladybird Warlords of Eternia story and Tyler wants to avoid the Masters of the Universe/Thundercats comic from DC, but Joe won't let him!


Fans of Power Episode 54 - Comic to Cartoon and WEBSTOR!

Joe and Tyler are taking a look at the differences between the New Adventures mini comics and the episodes they turned into. Then, it's time to shine the spotlight on Webstor! Can he do whatever a spider can?


Masters of the Galaxy Episode 2 - Super 7 Announcement and Max Steel?!

Brian and Michael return for another exciting adventure in the world of Masters of the Universe! What's the upcoming Super 7 announcement going to be? How much can you pay for MOTUC in a year? And what does the Max Steel movie have to do with Masters?


Fans of Power Episode 53 - Larry Houston!

Joe and Tyler are joined by Larry Houston! Larry Houston has worked on many animated series like GI Joe, Batman TAS, and The Real Ghostbusters! He also drew something you may have heard of... Masters of the Universe Mini Comics!


Fans of Power Episode 52 - Halloween!!!

Tyler and Joe are back to take a look the scariest characters in the Masters mythos AND at He-Man for Halloween! Costumes! Treats! Cosplay! Tricks! It's all here!


Masters of the Galaxy Episode 1 - New Adventures and that $75 She-Ra

The first episode of a whole new era! Join Brian Ozone, Joe Amato, and Michael Jenkins in this new podcast covering MOTU, POP, and everything inbetween!


Fans of Power Episode 51 - Flying Fists MiniComic, The Sorceress/Green Goddess

It's a new era for Fans of Power as Joe and Tyler discuss Mondo figures, the Flying Fists mini comic, the Sorceress/Green Goddess, and... Furby?