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Fans of Power Episode 37 - More SDCC, TRAP JAW!, and The Maze Of Doom

Sand Diego Comic Con keeps providing more and more Masters news, so Brian is happily freaking out over every new update. Did you hear there's a new Filmation style cartoon premiering? Also, the guys take a look at TRAP JAW, one of the best toys in the line, but did his cartoon appearances do him justice? Finally, the boys break down the Golden Book favorite The Maze Of Doom! What makes this book so special?
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Fans of Power Episode 36 - SDCC, Scareglow, and The Sunbird Legacy

This week, Brian, Joe and Tyler are taking a look at how much money they are going to spend on SDCC goodies (Loyal Subject, Super 7, and Matty, OH MY)! Also, Scareglow has been haunting the guys lately, so they focus on this character (who is NOT the ghost of Skeletor). Finally, The Sunbird Legacy is a book that several fans have been asking the guys to take an in-depth look at, so your wishes are finally fulfilled! YAY!


Fans of Power Episode 35 - The “Lost” Episode

Fans of Power didn't happen overnight. It actually took a couple years of trying before FoP found a home at the Pop Culture Network at the hands of Producer DiRT. For the first time ever, here's the original "Pilot" episode - all about the '87 Masters of the Universe movie - as recorded by Brian, Joe, Tyler and John Atkin of HeManWorld.com!


Fans of Power Episode 34.2 - MORE YOU! More of your questions, memories, and theories!

We couldn't do them all in one show, so here's another! Joe and Tyler discuss your questions, share your memories, and ponder your theories in ANOTHER fan focused show! PLUS, Tyler gets PRANKED live on the air!


Fans of Power Episode 34.1 - YOU! Your questions! Your memories! Your theories!

This week, DiRT joins Joe and Tyler! This crew reads YOUR MEMORIES AND QUESTIONS! What is canon? Did anything good come out of the DC Comics run? Why is Ram Man so special? How did Joe lose a girlfriend to Hordak? All this AND MORE! Almost 2 hours of YOU!
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Fans of Power Episode 33 - The End of the Line? and MELOG!

It's the End of the Line! Or is it? Is Classics on the way out? Why or why not? If not, what's coming? If so, what's next? The boys break down the line and what might be next before diving into a discussion of MELOG! Is she the one character than could beat She-Ra?

Fans of Power Episode 32 - Power-Con Hangover and Modulok!

Brian has returned from Power-Con! But is he the same man he was before he left? Big reveals seemed to be in short supply, but there were some interesting things happening... Plus, the guys take a look at Modulok! He's seen some changes over the years. Which version is best?

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Fans of Power Episode 31 - Domo Arigato Masters Roboto and Skeletor Battle Royale!

Power Con is coming! Brian is going! What are everyone's predictions for this year? Plus, Roboto is a character with a lot of fans.. but why? The team figures out what makes the mechanical man tick. And finally... yes... they did again... A SKELETOR BATTLE ROYALE! It's a slobberknocker of an episode! 

Fans of Power Episode 30 - The Fake World of Faker and the He-Man Battle Royale!

Brian, Joe and Tyler are re-visiting the topic from our "lost" episode - FAKER! What versions are there? Are any better than the others? In segment 2, it's He-Man VS He-Man VS He-Man etc... in the He-Man Battle Royale! If every version of He-Man were in a pier 6 brawl, who would be left standing?

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Fans of Power Episode 29 - ZODAC vs ZODAK! Plus: Was the MYP Cartoon Any Good?

Fans of Power pits Zodac vs Zodak and every incarnation therein. Is he good? Is he bad? Is he a fighter? Is he spiritual? Is he Italian? THESE QUESTIONS NEED ANSWERS! And if that doesn't get you talking, what about the MYP cartoon (AKA He-Man 200x)... Was it better than Filmation? Did Mattel have too much control? WAS ZODAK ITALIAN? All this and more in this episode!