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We're already 50?! Do we get discounts at McDonald's yet?

How to celebrate a 50th Episode...?
Top 3 Masters Characters!
Top 3 Filmation Episodes!
Top 3 Mini Comics!

Joe, Brian, and Tyler discuss the their picks for the best of the best in this awesome episode!

Fans of Power Episode 49 - Brian is Missing?!, NYCC News, He-Man Thundercats #1

Where's Brian? Brian?! Having to move on while Brian is MIA this week, Joe and Tyler rake through the NYCC news and try to make heads and tails of the announcements - and the missing announcements! Then, they devote A LOT of time to the new DC Comics presentation of He-Man Thundercats #1!


Fans of Power Episode 48 - Hallmark, vs Thundercats, Spikor, Quest For The Sword, ROBOTO CALLS IN?!

Hallmark has an ornament coming this Christmas. Are you buying one? DC has a new He-Man vs Thundercats comic coming out this week. Are you buying that? Did you buy a Spikor when you were a kid? Would you buy the fact that "Quest For The Sword" is one of the worst Filmation episodes? And yes, we got a new voicemail. Would you buy that it was Roboto calling in?


Fans of Power Episode 47 - Super 7/4 Horsemen, Sacred Cows, and The Movie Comic!

We start with the latest Super 7/4 Horsemen news and speculation, followed by a voicemail form The Waffle Man asking about what most important parts of MOTU lore are, and end with a long look at the comic book adaptation of the MOTU movie! And Brian doesn't swear!

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Fans of Power Episode 46 - MOTU vs The World, TEELA!, Brian Not Swearing?

Joe is missing this week, but Tyler and Brian forge on ahead! Starting with a discussion on our younger listeners, Brian vows to fight his urge to swear, the guys talk about why the vintage MOTU cartoon was better than anything else on kids' TV today, and end with a character discussion of Teela!

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Fans of Power Episode 45 - New Villain Faction?, TWO-BAD!, and MYP’s Underworld

If a new villain faction could be created, what kind would it be? How could it complete with the Horde, Snake Men, or Evil Villains? After mulling it over for a while, the guys turn to TWO BAD! Who is he? What is he? He could ever survive apart from himself...? And finally, MYP's episode "Underworld" gets dissected, nit-picked, and ranked!

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Fans of Power Episode 44 - Tappers of Grayskull, The Three Terrors, and MAN-E-FACES!

Brian, Joe, and Tyler are back to talk all things He-Man and She-Ra, and everything in between! Have you played Tappers of Grayskull? Did you buy the Super 7 Three Terrors figures? Do you get as confused about all the comics are Brian does? And what about Man-E-Faces? Is he a good character? Does he deserve more love? Or should he be banished?

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Fans of Power Episode 43 - More Voicemail! Fatal 4-Way Elimination Tag Match! STROBO!

More voicemail! This time, Walt chime sin with an interesting idea! Then, it's the best battle ever! The Eternia Fatal 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Match! OH YES~! And finally, Strobo gets the spotlight and the boys discuss who he was, what could've been, and what we eventually got! A fun show as always!

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Fans of Power Episode 42 - Voicemail! Why Masters? Fisto!

Where's Joe? Has anyone seen Joe Amato? Well, even without Joe, we have voicemail! Responding to our viewer Mike, we get back into the possible movie and also into what makes us fans of Masters. Why Masters of the Universe? What's the draw? And after the break, we come back with a look at Fisto!

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Fans of Power Episode 41 - Movie News and Rants, EVIL vs EVIL, HORDAK Mini Comic

ANGRY JOE SMASH! What makes Joe angry? Sports nerds putting down toy nerds! NERDS ARE NERDS! Then the latest movie news put everyone in tizzy! To calm everyone down, the boys pit the evil factions against one another, and finally, we end with "Hordak, The Ruthless Leader's Revenge!" It's a great show you don't want to miss!