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Fans of Power Episode 26 - Anti-Eternia He-Man, Unused Mini-Comics, New Fans!

After a technological snafu kept us off the air last week (*shakes fist at SKELETOR*), Brian and Joe are here to discuss the so-fast-if-you-blinked-you-missed-it sell out of Anti-Eternia He-Man, the unused mini-comic, new fans discovering He-Man for the first time (or for the first time since 1987), more eBay rants, why they aren't losing sleep over more possible movie announcements, why Prince Adam needs to be He-Man's secret identity, and so much more! A fun time as always!

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Fans of Power Episode 25 - PRIZES! One-Shot Characters! Overhyped and Underused Characters! WOO!

Joe and Tyler are Brian-less (he's meeting some Ace Frehley guy...) so the two decided to get controversial! There are several characters that only appeared once and are often treated as "worthless." Are they? Some actually are! Which leads us to "Overhyped and Underused Characters." Some characters get a lot of love, but once you look at what they really can accomplish, are just completely terrible characters. Some characters had the potential to be great, but Mattel (or Filmation, MYP, etc...) blew it. We know you'll want to throw some punches after this one! To make up for it, Joe has a trivia question for you and you can win Joe's SKELTOR MONEY! Make sure your answer correctly on the Fans of Power Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/Fans-Of-Power-Podcast-for-all-He-Man-and-She-Ra-fans-1536410346682759/

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Fans of Power Episode 24 - Jitsu vs Fisto Follow-up, The Dragon’s Gift Comic vs Cartoon

Brian, Joe, and Tyler do listen to the fans! They take an opportunity to bring up some of the feedback they got for the Jitsu vs Fisto episode. After that, they go into this week's face-off: The Dragon's Gift Mini-Comic vs the Filmation Cartoon! Which do they prefer and why? And what about you? Do you have a favorite? Let us know on our 24 Hour Voice Mail Line at +1-217-953-4025


Fans of Power Episode 23 - SDCC 2016 Predicitions, Skeletor vs Hordak, and MORE EPIC RANTS!

Brian, Joe, and Tyler open with a look ahead to SDCC and what they want to see from Mattel this year. Then they pit Skeletor vs Hordak and discuss who is more evil and how they are both portrayed in the cartoons and comics. And to close out the show, they COMPLETELY IGNORE THE SCHEDULED PLAN and go off on a number of topics including the fails of the DC Comic series, how characters have gotten short changed by fans, and about a MILLION other things this recap writer couldn't keep up with!

Fans of Power Episode 22 - Kobra Kahn, Camo Khan?!, Fisto vs Jistu, and Tyler is already banished?!

Brian, Joe, and Tyler are all back this week. First up on the agenda is the under-rated KOBRA KHAN figure. And while we're at it.. what's up with CAMO KHAN? After the break, they pit FISTO vs JITSU in a Pier Six Brawl! Who comes out on top? And does Tyler actually get banned in this episode? If so, that's probably the quickest a co-host has been banned on the Pop Culture Network!

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Fans of Power Episode 21 - Real Toy Values, Good vs Evil - Who’s Better?

Brian and Joe are back and ready to kick things off with the announcement of the new permanent team member! They rant about eBay prices and the dangers of the "or best offer button," and get into a discussion of He-Man's Heroes vs Skeletor's Villains and which side is better!

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Fans of Power Episode 20 - Savage She-Ra?, Tri-Klops, Fan Feedback!

Joe and Brian are joined again by Tyler Baker to talk about the possibilities of a different She-Ra had she appeared in the early mini-comics, Tri-Klops debut in "The Terror of Tri-Klops," different versions of Tri-Klops over the years, and discussing your feedback!


Fans of Power Episode 19 - Clamp Champ, Disco Skeletor, and Michael Bay?!

Joe, Brian, Tyler and DiRT are all a part of this long episode featuring too much information about Clamp Champ, DiRT asking tough questions about the He-Man movie, and Brian gets swallowed by a black hole at the end!

Fans of Power Episode 18 - Power of Grayskull Kickstarter, Fan Projects, and Prince Adam

Joe and Brain welcome Tyler Baker to the show to discuss the Kickstarter Documentary "Power of Grayskull" https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/definitivefilms/power-of-grayskull , more fan projects like the "MOTU Audio Comic Book Project" and "Masters of the Treehouse," and spend way too long discussing Prince Adam, why he's good, why he sucks, and which version is the best!

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Fans of Power Episode 17 - New York Toy Fair, Tung Lashor, and Golden Books’ THE HORDE!

Brian and Joe are joined once again by Tyler Baker to discuss all the good stuff from the 2016 New York Toy Fair! But as if that wasn't enough, the guys also discuss Tung Lashor! Who is he? What is he? And finally, it's time again for "Storytime With Joe" as The Little Golden Book story "The Horde" is dissected!
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