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WWE Payback, and why WWE won't be good again. More Madball Madness! And MOTU Loyal Subjects Unboxing!

Viewer Feedback, booking a wrestling show, Madballs Madness, ethics in reviewing toys?

Wrestlemania 33 Recap and MADBALLS!

DiRT is back to take a look at this bizarre edition of Monday Night Raw!

So much happened at WWE Extreme Rulez last night that DiRT felt he HAD to cover it. Check out this special PPV episode of Wrestling Guide Radio!

DiRT is back to take a look at SmackDown again! How does it compare to last week? To RAW? Listen up and find out!

It's Monday Night RAW vs the Denver Nuggets! Hmmm... I wonder if Denver actually had a good night...

DiRT is back to look at another awesome episode of Friday Night SmackDown... and also - What's the latest on RAW vs. The Denver Nuggets?

DiRT is back to take a look at Monday Night RAW and announce a possible future podcast!