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Pixel Dan, Scotty Cash, and Lord Killen are getting pumped for this year's upcoming San Diego Comic Con! Mostly because of all of Mattel's announcements this past week about their ...

Pixel Dan, Scotty Cash, Killen, and Intern Rick are back to slap you in the face with toy news and off-the-wall randomness! This week's toy news includes:

Gentle Giant's 12" De...

It's that time of the week again! Join hosts Pixel Dan, Killen, Scotty Cash, and Intern Rick as they talk toys! First up is the latest toy news, including:

DST's Universal Mons...

From The Command Center welcomes Lisa J. from No Pink Spandex as Mike and Scotty ask her questions about Power Rangers!

Pop Culture Network has teamed up with Geekcast Radio Network to bring you a new all-Power Rangers podcast! In Episode 00 your hosts Scotty Cash and TFG1 Mike tell the listeners ...

All the best studs, the worst duds, and trades!

The Weigh-In Epsiode 33

Scotty Cash and J-Raz are talking all the major MMA news including UFC 106!

Studs, duds, and trades, and DiRT publishes it on time!

The Weigh-In Episode 31

Scotty Cash and J-Raz and MMA. What more do you want?