Welcome to episode #135! It's a slow toy news week, but there are still a few topics, such as

  • BotCon exclusive Soundwave revealed
  • Four Horsemen Infinity OSM shipping soon
  • Four Horsemen invite your customs to appear in their gallery

But even though it's a slow news week, there's still an extra helping of Fan Corner! Pixel Dan, Killen, and Stina run down questions and topics in a super sized Fan Corner thread! Enjoy!

Welcome to episode #130 of It Figures! Join Pixel Dan, Killen, Stina, and DiRT for your weekly dose of toy talk!
- Card art revealed for GI Joe subscription figures
- Four Horsemen reveal Infinity versions of Outer Space Men waves 3 & 4
- Even more Bandai ThunderCats reveals, including new role-play items

Then it's time to visit the Fan Corner, where the guys discuss viewer topics and answer viewer questions! Plus, where are Rick and Scotty this week? Killen has a rumor! Listen in and find out!


Scott Cash is on vacation this week fired for a week, so Pixel Dan and Killen are joined by a special guest...Dan's wife Stina! Time to inject some girl power into the show! Join the gang as they go over this week's latest toy news, including:

  • BifBangPow's SDCC Exclsuives
  • NECA gets Army of Darkness
  • MOTUC news from Toyguru
  • Sad kid pictures from Bandai

Then, we talk to Stina to find out what kind of toys she enjoys collecting! What is she in to, what does she dislike, and which of Dan's toys are among her favorites? Tune in to find out!

Oh, and the gang is also gearing up for the huge toy show in Kane County this weekend! Will you be in the Chicago area? Then don't miss out on this show! And swing by and say "hi" to Dan and Killen!


Pixel Dan, Scotty Cash, and Lord Killen are getting pumped for this year's upcoming San Diego Comic Con! Mostly because of all of Mattel's announcements this past week about their exclusives! The guys discuss all of these announcements, as well as other topics such as:

  • Ask Matty Answers for 5/1
  • Hasbro changes pricing on Retail and SDCC Skystriker
  • A possible SDCC Thundercats exclusive from Bandai?

Are you excited for the newest exclusive announcements? What are you planning to buy and pass on? Head over to our forums and discuss!


We have hit a whopping ONE HUNDRED EPISODES! Who would have ever thought it was possible? To celebrate the occasion, we're taking a break from the (mostly) usual toy talk. Instead, Pixel Dan is joined by the many talented PCN contributors: Suine Hallock, Chris Vint, Ryan Porter, and Rob Base! The guys reminisce over how they came across PCN originally, when they started contributing to the site, and discuss some of their favorite PCN memories!

A lot of laughs and fun are all within the 100th episode! Thanks to everyone who has kept on listening to this podcast over this past year! Here's to another 100 episodes to come!


Pixel Dan, Scotty Cash, Killen, and Intern Rick are back to slap you in the face with toy news and off-the-wall randomness! This week's toy news includes:

  • Gentle Giant's 12" Death Squad Commander
  • Mezco's DC Mini Mezits 2-Packs
  • MOTUC Clawful Bio
  • Four Horsemen's Scarabus Pre-Orders

Who the heck is Rhino Reynolds? What tattoo does Killen sport? What kind of mischief do Dan and Scotty get into when they drink? And what the crap is a McGangbang? All these questions and more are answered in today's episode!


It's that time of the week again! Join hosts Pixel Dan, Killen, Scotty Cash, and Intern Rick as they talk toys! First up is the latest toy news, including:

  • DST's Universal Monsters Select!
  • Mezco Toy News!
  • The reveal of the new Wily Kit and Wily Kat toys from Thundercats!

Then after the break, are you ready to rumble? Wrestlemania is this Sunday, so to celebrate the guys reminice over the wrestling action figure of the past, as well ad discuss the current selection. What was your favorite wrestlign toy line? Hasbro's WWF line? Toy Biz's WCW line? Jakks Pacific's recent WWE line? Tell us in the forums!


Are you ready for the Four Loco tasting party?

Join the party, recorded from the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, Illinois during C2E2! Get ready for a lot of drunken C2E2 discussion, along with a lot of chaos and randomness! The show is jam packed with an awesome crew, including PCN Staff members "Pixel Dan" Eardley, Damien Killen, Ryan Porter, and Luke "Suine Hallock" Nicholas! The gang is also join by friends Ben Spencer (from NerdCityOnline.com), the lovely Megan Johnston-Spencer, Marty "TheGodBeast" Hanson (www.thegodbeast.com), Rob Fensler (Voodookid2 from Octobertoys.com), Pete Parnin (Ghost Lion from Octobertoys.com), Gabe Barragan (Son of Keldor from He-Man.org forums), and Dave Purdue (911toys form PCN forums!)

WARNING: This is an explicit podcast. Although the foul language is censored, folks who are easily offended may still want to steer clear of this episode. Just keep in mind, it's all in fun! Enjoy!


It's time for your favorite show EVER! It Figures! Starring Pixel Dan, Lord Killen, Flava Dave, and that wacky Intern Ricky! In today's episode, the guys go over the latest in toy news, including:

  • DST does Jak and Daxter!
  • C2E2 Exclusive Galaxxor!
  • Our sour impression of the new TMNT cartoon

After the break, it's time to discuss an age old collecting debate. Mint In Box VS Loose! Are you an opener? Do you keep everything in the package? Do you buy two of everything so you can have it both ways? Learn what each of the guys prefer, and if their collecting habits have always been the same!

Oh, and don't miss C2E2 THIS WEEKEND in Chicago! This is your chance to hang out with the biggest gathering of PCN members ever!


Dan and Killen are home from Toy Fair, and they are wiped! But they still have enough enegery to get together with Flava Dave and talk about their trip! The guys talk about some of the major reveals, such as products from:

  • Hasbro
  • LEGO
  • Mattel
  • Bandai

Plus, as usual, there are some stories to be told form the trip! This is your chance to hear about the Toy Fair experience from those who experienced it all first hand, so don't miss out!


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