November 21, 2010

The Weigh-In Episode 73

UFC 122 and 123, The Final WEC Show, and could this be the final episode of The Weigh In?

November 6, 2010

The Weigh In Episode 72

J-Raz and Politikal Agenda discuss the WEC/UFC merger, Brock's future, and UFC PPV pricing!

October 23, 2010

The Weigh-In Episode 71

UFC 121, Lesnar Smash!, and Why We Are Happy UFC 120 Was Free...

November 22, 2009

The Weigh-In Epsiode 33

Scotty Cash and J-Raz are talking all the major MMA news including UFC 106!

October 31, 2009

The Weigh-In Episode 31

Scotty Cash and J-Raz and MMA. What more do you want?

August 21, 2009

The Weigh-In Episode 23

Strikeforce! Strikeforce! Strikeforce! And a look at upcoming UFC shows!


What do you do when you find out that someone started using the same podcast name 3 months before you did? You start looking for a new one!


BREAKING NEWS! Scotty Cash and J-Raz are back to cover the LATE BREAKING NEWS from the last 24 hours!


J-Raz and Scotty Cash are back to give you the lastest word in MMA!


Scotty Cash and J-Raz are doing the run down of UFC 100 - from pre-show to post-show to payoffs, everything you need to know is in here!


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