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WE FOUND HIM! We finally got everything working, so here's Brian's interview with Gus Parks, the man who played Ninjor in the Power Tour!

http://MOTGpodcast.comWe finally got Doug Howard, Songster from the Power Tour, to join us for this show!

http://MOTGpodcast.comOur guests for this show are He-Man and She-Ra themselves! We have Jack and Leslie Wadsworth, he people who played He-Man and SHe-Ra in the Power Tour!

http://MOTGPodcast.comMOTU JOE is joining us this week to talk the Most Powerful Collections In The Galaxy!

http://MOTGPodcast.comCustomizer extraordinaire and co-host of the Fans of Power podcast, Jumpin' Joe Amato, joins the Masters for a fun filled chat about the world of MOTU!

http://www.MOTGPodcast.comBuying, selling, and the "Saturday Night Shindig."

The Queen of Mean comes on the Scene to make Ol' Skelly Gleam!

Captain John T Atkin from joins Brian O and Johnny Miz to talk all things HE-MAN!