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We will be discussing the status of Snake Mountain, the mini comic "He-Man and the Insect People", a Buzz-Off profile revisit, and more!

We will be joined by our special guest James Eatock, as we discuss updates on The Return of Faker, the unproduced Filmation series "He-Man and the Masters of Space", and much more!...

We will be discussing recent He-Man movie news, Caverns of Fear, a character spotlight revisit of Buzz-Off, and more! “Everything comes to he who waits!” FANS OF POWER podcast provides commentary for the 1987 Live Action MOTU film! Special guest Val Staples. We will be discussing the upcoming Power-Con, details on figure pricing, and much more!

http://FansOfPower.comWe will be discussing recent Masters news, doing commentary for "The Cat and the Spider", and more! We will be discussing the mini comic and cartoon versions of "Double Edged Sword", some recent news, and a few other things. FANS OF POWER podcast is joined by artist Kevin Sharpe to discuss his work on Masters Of The Universe and in the comics industry! Find out how you can purcha... We will be discussing recent Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics preorder details, The Battle of Roboto mini comic, commentary for "A Talent For Trouble"... We will be discussing the Star/Marvel Masters of the Universe comic issue #13, a character spotlight on Garn, and more!