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We will be joined by our special guest James Eatock, as we discuss updates on The Return of Faker, the unproduced Filmation series "He-Man and the Masters of Space", and much more!...

Mumm-Ra tricks Hachiman, a mighty samurai from a distant planet into believing the Thundercats are evil invaders. Hachiman sets out to destroy them.   http://ThePopC.Net

We will be discussing recent He-Man movie news, Caverns of Fear, a character spotlight revisit of Buzz-Off, and more! “Everything comes to he who waits!” FANS OF POWER podcast provides commentary for the 1987 Live Action MOTU film! The story of the journey to the "Valley of Shadows"; some kind of African "Shangri-la" but somehow two of them are prophesied to arrive first.

http://LockerRoomHQ.comSEVEN AND A HALF HOURS?!?! SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS?!?!? Plus Raw and Smackdown? What kind of Hell is this?

http://www.LockerRoomHQ.comIt's almost Mania time! Woooo...? Raw and SmackDown takes us down the homestretch, but can they ignite the fire of excitement in our two hosts? Plus, BEE...

http://ThePopC.Net The Dynamic Duo faces four supervillains who plan to hold the world for ransom with the help of a secret invention that instantly dehydrates people.

http://LockerRoomHQ.comThe Kurt Angle farewell tour continues! Plus gimmick matches are back, back, back! Beat the clock! Last Man Standing! Another Gauntlet! Is this good?

http://FansOfPower.comWe will be discussing recent Masters news, doing commentary for "The Cat and the Spider", and more!