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We will be discussing "Rock People To The Rescue", a character spotlight on He-Ro, and much more!

Artist Kevin Sharpe joins Joe and Tyler to discuss all things He-Man, including his new MOTU inspired comic on IGG!  Check out Kevin Sharpe! -

Once again, it's time to have fun and GIVE THINGS AWAY! Our trivia episodes are so much fun, and although it may be over, YOU'RE a winner every time you tune in! (OK, that was bad,...

Masters of the Multiverse is not the series we hoped for, but it's the series we got. We take a brief look at the latest issue (because YouTube actually shut down our first review ...

This is a PACKED show! We have so many things to talk about that there's certainly something for everyone. Buckle up and enjoy the show!  http://ThePopC.Net

We will be discussing Masters of the Universe Origins art reveals, Power Con 2020 Exclusive reveals, the story "Skeletor's Ice Attack", and more!  We will be discussing the mini comic "Zodac-Distant Invasion", the MYP episode "Price of Deceit", and more - including Tyler!

We will be discussing issue #4 of "Masters of the Multiverse", and much more!

We will be discussing the recent voice cast for "Masters of the Universe Revelation" and much more!

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