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We'll get back into the groove of the usual topics next week. This was more of a test run to make sure things would run smooth. Hope you enjoy the randomness!   http://FansOfPower....

We will be discussing the vintage Masters of the Universe cardback art, and much more!

Here is episode #239 of our podcast "Fans of Power"! We discuss a lot of things, one being the Filmation episode "The Golden Disks of Knowledge". Is it a classic Filmation episode,...

We dissect the Power Con 2020 reveals for the Masters of the Universe Origins line, and much more!

Busta Toons MOTU 85 is ALIVE! FoP Action Figure KUMITE! Insanity! Profanity! Tyler is unhinged! Will Joe upchuck? Put the kids to bed because it's IT'S TIME!   http://FansOfPower.c...

We will be discussing the mini comic "Battle in the Clouds", ranting like usual, and waiting to see if Joe vomits on the air... and much more!

Special Guest Emiliano Santalucia, a man who has been very involved with MOTU these last 20 years, will be joining us for this episode.

We discuss the UK Magazine story "When Strikes...The Faker", the comic "The Submarine Mystery", and much more!

We will be discussing Whiplash, a commentary for "The Shadow of Skeletor", and more!

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